How Do You Say “The Movie Sucked” in Japanese?

I had heard that Lost in Translation was very good. I had also heard Lost in Translation was very bad. I finally saw it last night, and I’ve decided to side with the folks who thought it was very bad.

And, since I’m too lazy and headachey to write a more substantial review, I’m giving you a list instead:

    The Good:

  • The parallel drawn between Murray’s character’s wife and his newfound “friend” was subtle enough that I didn’t catch it right away.
  • They used a Roxy Music song to its optimum potential.
  • The movie didn’t play into the cheating cliché too much.
  • The Bad:

  • It was about one hour and twenty minutes too long.
  • As soon as the movie started to pick up a little, it was suddenly over.
  • It was basically a character study, and the characters were bland.
  • The Ugly:

  • I had a persistent aching fear that I was going to have to see Bill Murray’s naked ass.

* Cheating cliché- The likeable main character is in a committed relationship. Then the likeable main character meets the man or woman of his/her dreams. Uh-oh. It would be awful if our likeable main character cheated on his/her spouse FIRST, so the audience is given an out. About mid-way through the film, the audience finds out that the main character’s significant other has been cheating all along. Now if our likeable main character cheats, it’s just fine and dandy.

Editor’s Note: My spellchecker wants me to spell the word “likeable” with only one “e.” What the hell kind of word is “likable”? Has the world gone mad? I will never ever spell it that way as long as I live. Just so you know.

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  • it is a film that seems to divide people. i LOVED it precisely because it was a character study, and i related to the whole fish out of water scenario by remembering my first experiences when i first moved from a small town to a large one. oh well. you did like firefly, so you still are on the plus side 🙂

  • Yeah, it seems to be one of those movies that you either love or hate. 😀

    But, we’re definitely on common ground when we talk about Firefly. Best show ever.


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