Insomnia: Is It for You?

The benefits of insomnia are as follows:

I can’t think of any. I’m too tired.

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  • It’s not insomnia. It’s blogging.

  • Benefits of insomnia:

    1. You can catch up on reading all those right wing conservative blogs!
    2. One word: Info-mercials!
    3. No one will hear you sing the theme song of M.A.S.H. in sync with the reruns.
    4. Public Access is a little more raunchy and a lot randomer after midnight.
    5. You can count the divits in the ceiling.
    6. Neverwinter Nights/Madden 2004. The computer’s going down.
    7. Time to make random changes to the cascading style sheets.
    8. You can display a certain vague curiosity about why you’re not asleep and pout sexily.
    9. Learn exciting new Japanese phrases for Adaptation like “Otsurai desho ga, ki o shikkari omochi ni natte kudasai.” (“I know this is painful, but don’t let it get the best of you.”)
    10. zzzzzzz….

  • Number nine is my fave, Jim. Hilarious. 😀

  • hmm, unless these comments get e-mailed to you, you’ll probably never see this but, as a fellow insomniac, I greatly enjoy this piece from McSweeney’s:

    I Enjoy Taunting Insomniacs

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