Weird and not in a Good Way

I knew the internet would be the death of me sooner or later, but I didn’t think I’d be around to find out about it… Confused yet?

Yeah, so am I.

Click this link, type in Debbie and check out result number 11. The link directs you to my site, but the description is in regard to another Debbie who is deceased.

Needless to say, I was very surprised to see those words under my blog title, so here’s the e-mail I’m sending in hopes of getting this straightened out.

To whom it may concern:

This concerns your search results for the word “Debbie.”

In particular, it concerns search result 11. Bored but busy

This is the link to your page which contains the inaccuracy:

The information following my site’s title is misleading in that I am in no way associated with the late Debbie _______.

I am the owner of the site titled “Bored but Busy” and of all the content therein, but your search result implies that my work belongs to another Debbie who is apparently deceased.

My name is Deborah M. _______ and I am very much alive. All of the content of is mine and mine alone (with the obvious exception of comments made on my posts by others).

Thank you for correcting this problem as soon as possible. If you’d like me to compose an appropriate site description, I will gladly do so. Just let me know.


Deborah M. _______

So, two questions, dear readers:

1. Has anyone had a similar experience?

2. Am I getting stressed over nothing?

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  • I checked the site and although it lists a different URL (, they have it re-directed to your site. They need to be doing some updating there. 😉

  • As a fellow Debbie, all I can say is THAT IS REALLY CREEPY. Checking my referrers the other day, I came up on a Google search that asked “What does Debbie Mean?” but when I checked it just now, I couldn’t find me. I found you, though, #29, alive and well.

  • it’s a weird search engine. nothing on google. try searching on “bored but busy” — first result is

  • This site used to be at that address (way back when I posted once a year), but now we have it set up to re-direct you to Bored but Busy.

    But, yeah, that is odd.

    Maybe I got lost in translation – LOL.

  • There are other weirdnesses there. I’ll bet Little Debbie Snack Cakes (confectionary) and Debbie Bliss (knitting gubbins) have nothing to do with each other, yet the one site title is followed by the other site info. Their page is broken.

  • Now it mentions your latest House of Blues concert!

  • OMG! LOL. It does! Still wrong, but at least I’m alive again. And jammin’.

  • Hi Debbie

    Thank you very much for your letter.

    First I would say we are sorry about killing you it was not the meaning and a bit ironic as well! After reading some of your blog I can see you are really alive 🙂

    We have corrected the problem, but unfortunately your website has disappeared from the search result if searching for ‘Debbie’ ?

    If you give me a description of your website I could make a Sponsor link for free for you so your site would be the 1. search result if searching for ‘Debbie’!

    Thank you one more time for your letter, and have a nice day…


    Lasso Search Engine

  • Wow dude.
    Can you make me #1 for Stace?

  • clearly, you need to retaliate by posting that the lasso search engine is dead. or, “dead to you” at least.

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