I’m a D- Blogger with My Eyes on the Prize

I’m not certain as to whether I’m an A-list blogger or not. But, if I had to venture a guess, I would err on the side of caution and assume that I am not an A-list blogger and that I am generally shunned by those who are A-list bloggers.

But, I’m not bitter. Oh no! Not me. I’m biding my time and during this brief interim I shall pretend that worrying about whether you are A-list is a bourgeoisie concern, and I can’t be bothered with it.

I’ll say, “I don’t like labels.” Occasionally, I’ll even throw out, “Who cares about a stupid popularity contest anyway?”

This will make me sound all cool and aloof…

As a direct result of my newfound cool aloofness, the A-list bloggers will all start linking to me, and you can bet you’re sweet sticky buns that when that time comes I’ll be putting a giant A+ in the upper right hand corner of my blog.

When my plan has come full circle, I will be known as Debbie the cool and aloof A-list blogger….Suckas.

PS – Thanks to everyone who sent me kind e-mails enquiring about what happened to my site. As you can see, it’s back up and running, and I’m still not dead.

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  • You tell ’em girl, I don’t need no stinkin’ A-list!

  • Who wants to hang round A-Lists anyway.

    Imagine the choice of a Dinner Party with Arnold “I got big muscles so vote for me” Schwarzenegger and Jennifer “Iam famous for having a big bum and not getting married” Lopez, or a dinner party with Bored but Busy’s Debbie and Bryan Adams (the one with the witty mother, not the Aural Torturer). I know which one will result in an entertaining night and which will result in a legal battle over who gets the last slice of pie.

    Besides, who cares if an A-List disappears for a few days, no-one. But when one of our own suddenly goes off line there is a international panic !!

    So don

  • Speaking as a Y-lister, this is too, too funny.

  • Yeah, I’ve checked a couple A-lister sites to see if I’m listed. Nope. So, I’ll go with C-list for me, maybe C+. And that’s as good as I’ll ever get.

  • Well, if you really wanna make the A-List, might I suggest you display vague curiosity and pout sexily?. It works for Jennifer!

    I’m quite happy being a G-“Am I even listed?” Blogger

  • (Sigh). Blogland is high school all over again? A-list blogs and being uncool and all that? Where’s a young Cameron Crowe when I need him? Oh that’s right. He grew up and became uber-cool beyond A-list. (Sigh) Someone should have told me before I went and built the damn thing–((kicking site)).

  • You are so cool and aloof. 😉

    Yeah, I have more internet friends than I had in high school though.

    *knocks wood*

  • While the A-listers are busy networking and patting themselves on the back, you can come smoke with me and the other under-recognized C-listers in the parking lot. That is, unless you’re too cool for us.

  • Too cool for you? Nevah.

  • I have this same vague anxiety. I post blog entries and none of the people reading ever seem to comment! I know there are people reading– the stats say so. But despite hearing from some that the blog is funny, I never get graded (by comments) and I am only linked on a few pages. In the past it has made me anxious, but now I think that like you, I should go with aloof. I’ve clearly been trying too hard.

    So on that note, I don’t want anyone who reads this to come to my blog and post witty rejoinders and comments that make me laugh. I’ll just sit here getting my goth eyeliner put on (which I normally don’t wear, but if I’m going to be all aloof now, I guess I’ll have to shop at Hot Topic from now on).

    If you make getting an F into your goal, doesn’t that mean that getting an F means you get an A in F?

    Math has always been hard for me, so that last bit is as close as I get to an equation.

  • A-List, schmA-List. I think the act of will it would take to make me into an A-List blogger would automatically make me so uncool as to put me out of the running. ‘Cause, see, you can’t care about being cool, or you’re automatically not, has always been my understanding of it.

    Of course, since we’re all trolling around on the Internet instead of doing, like, anything else at all, maybe we’re not all that cool to begin with.

    Ah well. Good work anyway.

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