Michael overheard a guy say this, and quoted it to me:

“I think homos are the most disgusting, vile creatures on the planet, but they should have exactly the same rights I have.”

As ugly as that sounds, my husband and I both found it hopeful that someone with such obvious hatred for another group could at least see that it’s not reasonable to discriminate against them.

I spent some time thinking about that man today. What he said stayed with me.

On the surface, his words are incredibly harsh, but when I look deeper, I find some beauty there.

He’s offering someone he openly hates the same rights he has.

Wouldn’t we all be better off if more of us could do that? Put aside personal feelings and freely offer that kind of equality to each other?

For my money, give me a thousand guys like that in exchange for even one hypocritical asshole who preaches “Love thy neighbor” and in the very same breath makes an effort to touch the lives of his fellow men in a negative way.

Until we can live completely without hate, I’ll settle for equal rights.

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