Me – Do you have a minute to listen to this story?

Bill – You have about ten minutes.

Me – Yeah, I know I can’t go over ten minutes – the last episode of “Friends” is on tonight.

Bill – So you have till that starts.

Me – I’ll talk fast.

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  • Yeah, but it WAS the LAST episode. And for some ungodly reason, PEOPLE KEPT CALLING ME!!!!!! The pope* called! My ex-boyfriend called FROM HELL (which explains why the pope was concerned). Then Tanya Harding called up, “to chat cause I haven’t heard from you in a while.” And Kathie Lee Gifford! (She was hanging out with the ex.)

    *(Names have been changed to protect the boring.)

  • Besides. I told the pope he wasn’t allowed to call me cause my dad was excommunicated from the Catholic church for marrying my mom (well, for divorcing his first wife) and I am officially NOT Catholic because of that. All Lutherans are, however, Catholic Lite, so we get calls ocassionally.

  • I must be the only person on the planet who didn’t watch it and didn’t care. *sighs*

    I lost interest in Friends when Rachel got pregnant and they didn’t get married.

    Actually, I got so mad at the show for making Ross and Rachel such morons about their relationship as parents that I wouldn’t even let other people watch it in my house. That’s right, I became an “I Hate Friends Activist”.

    I get angry with TV shows, get that? *rolls eyes at self* …cough, cough… I really need to get a life…

  • You know, I got aggravated about Ross and Rachel’s stupid relationship too, especially when Rachel was going to marry Joey even though she didn’t love him. But, I stayed with it anyway, because I apparently have NO LIFE.

  • I’m currently living for American Idol and Survivor, so I ain’t castin’ no stones. *grin*

    My taste is apparently all in my mouth.

  • Happy Mother’s Day, Debbie! 🙂 Hope it’s fabu!

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