The Air Up There

My kid can get breakfast at school when she wants to. This is good news for us on days like today when the three – count ’em three – donuts she ate before she left the house weren’t enough to fill her up.

Soon the only way we’ll be able to afford to feed her will be to drag her to various all you can eat buffets.

What’s more, I fear the resulting onslaught of a significant growth spurt. Has everyone seen Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman? Yeah, like that.

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  • Time to move to Vegas, for the buffets.

    Oh, and the boobies.

  • i moved from melbourne just before it opened its first krispy kreme store. i can’t believe i missed out on trying a bear claw.

  • My husband and I are adult sponsors of our churches’ high school youth group (we see this as training for eventually having kids one day). While on the way back from a trip to Destin, FL for a long weekend, we stopped at Shoney’s so the kids could eat off the buffet. Eat off it they did, as the wait staff came over after one hour and asked them to stop eating because Shoney’s was running out of food. I was so embarassed.

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