The Bell Tolls for Thee

I’m considering giving up my morning cup pot of coffee. I blame the coffee for the fact that I can no longer follow a single thought for longer than three seconds without it running away screaming. So, I’m going to give up my highly caffeinated coffee and replace it with ginkgo biloba tea or whatever that herb tea is that’s supposed to make you less stupider.

The time is right for me to be a little less stupider.

I tell you this for a reason. I’ve started to write approximately fifteen different posts for this site and given up on all of them. My brain walks away after two paragraphs, and I’m left sitting at my keyboard heckling myself as I attempt to piece a few more sentences together.

After several false starts, I give up writing for the day. My inner heckler wins the battle of wits and I skulk away.

Speaking of skulking, you know who’s got it easy?


Sure they’re mindless reanimated corpses but at least they’re happy. It’s not like they’re aware that they aren’t all they could be. Give a zombie a screaming, slow moving, half-clothed woman and he’s content. There’s no inner struggle on his part, no worrying about consequences. He has no agenda, political or otherwise. He just eats brains whenever he can get ’em. That’s all.

What a life.

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Coffee bad. Brains good. Yum brains.

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  • nope – keep the coffee – i’m still giggling

  • it seems like there is a potentially fun/surreal opportunity to swap incomplete blog ideas and finish them. thoughts?

    btw, found out last week that i may be allergic to caffeine. the starbucks’ corporate limo is going to visit my house any day now… oh, the humanity!

  • Jim,
    I still have a little hope for a couple of my ideas, so I don’t want to go that route just yet.

    Yeah, if the limo shows up, you’re doomed. Resistance is futile. Just let them shoot the espresso directly into your veins. And don’t make eye contact – you’ll only provoke them.

  • NEVER, EVER give up on coffee – are you INSANE?
    but i have often wondered if i would have been better off being one of the mindless bogans who left school at fifteen instead of foolishly believing the guidance counsellors who told me i had so much potential…

  • Gave up my pot o’ caffeine last year; don’t miss it. And I’m much calmer these days than I used to be. When I meet someone for coffee today, I order decaf. Can’t tell the difference anymore.

    And you beat me with 15 unfinished blogs, Debbie! *low whistle* I currently have four I keep bouncing in between.

    And look, now I’ve stopped trying to finish one altogether and I’m reading other blogs instead. Always a good distraction from writing one, right? 😉

  • I gave up caffeine (mostly) last year. I drink Sprite and grape soda. Occasionally, I have my breve mochas, but that’s only about once every couple weeks.

    I was actually researching (passively) the herbal remedies for writer’s block. I think ginkgo was one of them.

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