Uh-oh. It’s Her.

One short observation:

Sometimes when I take my car to Valvoline for an oil change, they ask me to put my keys on the dash after I turn off the car. Other times they don’t.

They had me set the keys on the dashboard today.

Do they just forget to ask sometimes? Or, is it more of a situation where the mechanic is thinking, “She looks like a ditz. Better have her put those keys in clear view so nobody gets hurt.”

I lean toward thinking that they go on a case by case basis and that I just happened to look particularly kooky this afternoon.

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  • I’m sure it isn’t you, they just get a lot of ditzes there and better safe than sorry. For example, I can never tell them what year my car is. I guess, I’m wrong, and they look at me like I am not worthy of breathing.

  • don’t feel too bad – when i take my car in, they get on the intercom and ask me to “step away from the car, ma’am”. i usually put my hands up when i do this. not that they ask. it just feels right.

  • Would it destroy your oil-changing confidence if I were to tell you that most of those oil change places employ some of the ditziest people on the planet? There may be an entirely different force at work accounting for the inconsistency you mention.

  • Hiya
    Totally Off topic !!
    Did you get my Five questions thingy !! Cause I sent them last week just as you started your Pc Probs !! LOL

    Andy 😉

  • I did that once, left the oil change place without leaving my keys. I was furious when I came to pick it up… and of course it was my fault.

    I nearly did it last time too, luckily the lady asked me for the keys before I got out the door.


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