You Can Do Better, Girlfriend

We’ve all been there. You’re in a relationship and you sense the other party has lost interest. In order to save face and avoid wasting any more time on something that is going nowhere, you break it off first. Maybe you say, “Ha ha. Beat you to the punch,” or maybe you’re far more mature than I. In any case, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Such was my relationship with Yahoo mail.

Wait a minute. Let me revise that analogy a bit. Have you ever had a stalker who finally gave up and moved on with his or her life? That was my relationship with Yahoo mail.

After the third time Yahoo would not allow me access to my own e-mail and accused me of undisclosed unscrupulous practices of which I was not guilty, I finally stopped driving by his house.

He’s got a new girl now. She’s smart and pretty, and I think she’s about to dump him on his ass.

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  • Dump Yahoo
    Come and get a Gmail Account, I got an invite with your name on it.

  • It’s hard, you know, dumping Yahoo, particularly when my DSL is through SBC Global. I can’t write them a nasty letter or give ’em up completely, but I’ve decided what I CAN do is transfer my hefty address book to my Gmail account and start using it exclusively. Still, it’s sad, and I’m betting my friends and family will NOT be delighted to get another of those “I’ve changed my e-address YET AGAIN” messages.

  • I dumped Yahoo a while ago. I’ve been locked out of my account too, Debbie. So frustrating. But the final straw was when people were reduced to using my comments to tell me they had sent email and why didn’t I answer it?

    Email which didn’t show up for 3 days.


    YAY Gmail!

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