Lazy Daze of Summer

I’m taking a moment to recover from mowing the front lawn, and am strongly considering astroturf.




I still have some weeding to do.

By the way, who were the geniuses who decided that the flowers and plants which grow most abundantly are ugly weeds and must be ripped asunder whenever and wherever they show up?

Life would be so much easier if all I had to do was be on the lookout for stray Azaleas sprouting up in my lovely Crabgrass.

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  • Would you like me to send you some blackberry plants? They require no maintenance, and in August, produce great berries. Once they take hold, the neighbor’s dog will never bother your yard again :0)

  • Thanks for your very kind offer, but sooner or later, every plant I own goes the way of your Venus Flytrap. I’d manage to kill them somehow.

  • consider embracing the weeds and loving them in their ugliness. it’s simpler that way. trust me.

    oh, and your note was unexpectedly, ramblingly cool. like a “tops the list” kind of cool. in short, you kick booty.

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