We Have a New Pet

We have a gopher or a groundhog. We don’t know which. We couldn’t get a very close look at him (or her) because he was shy. But, we did see him run under our shed, and we think maybe he’s taken up residence there.

I’m just hoping none of the neighbors try to kill OUR groundhog. If you wanna see me get real pissy real quick, kill something cute and furry that’s hanging out on my property.

Anyway, my greatest hope regarding our newfound friend is that groundhogs eat crabapples. That would be just perfect, because it would save me from having to pick the rotten ones up off of the lawn.


Maybe I’ll even be able to teach him to fetch.

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  • Aim high – maybe you can teach him to mow the lawn?

  • Ha ha. I loved that movie with Bill Murray.

    We have had mole problems in our backyard. Moles are furry, but not cute. I tried:

    Jedi mind trick: this is not the yard you’re looking for.
    Singing it lullabyes.
    Ignoring it, hoping it would deal with the yellowjackets.

    Unfortunately, none of these worked. The mole did enjoy taking out two nice rhododendrons, a pine tree, and my lawnmower (darn hills).


  • Teach him to fetch, mow the lawn and trim the hedges.

    We have a cat that is trying to live in our garage. It makes a mess in every way possible. Our neighbors want it dead. I just want it out of our garage for sanitary reasons. But the thing is so cute and will talk up a storm when I walk by it. It really is cute and I hope those neighbors leave it alone. I hate when neighbors kill animals without giving it a chance to move on or away.

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