Ouchy, Ouchy, Ouchy

Proving once again that, if you’re klutzy enough, even the simplest things can be hazardous, last night I managed to harm myself while eating hot and sour soup. Somehow I splashed the soup in my eye.

Even if I hadn’t already given up on the possibility of leading a life of crime, that little accident would surely have set me right. I’m not going to be giving anybody a good reason to pepper spray me any time soon.

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  • I have that same klutz gene. Drives me batty!

  • Hey, at least you didn’t get a paper cut while reading the fortune cookie. Those hurt.


  • I got pepper sprayed once at a training. I’m not one to make a habit of talking about painful experiences like they are badges of honor or courage, but dammit that hurt. Afterwards, I squirted a mound of baby shampoo into my hand and while using one hand to hold open my eyes lids, smeared it directly onto my eyeballs. It hurt that bad. One woman said it hurt worse than having her four kids. I don’t know if an epidural would have helped or not…

  • PS; I don’t think she had the kids all at once but it still hurt quite a bit.

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