I Shoulda Used a Cheapa Beer

As anyone who reads me regularly knows, I am a very helpful person, so long as I don’t have to expend too much energy in the process. For example, if I have to get up from my desk, that might be asking a bit much. But, if I can help you out from my swivel chair, and you don’t require me to stretch too far in any direction in particular, and I don’t have to type for too long (’cause I don’t want carpal tunnel syndrome), then I’m here for ya, folks.

Who is this Mother Teresa, anyway?

So, when I read that She-Dork is having the same problem with gnats that I’ve been having, I decided to do a quick post on the subject.

A couple of days ago, I read somewhere that, if you put a can of beer and a little dishwashing detergent into a bowl, the concoction will draw gnats and kill them.

Of course, I had to try this on my gnats, because they really need to die. I thought this was probably a fairly humane way to kill them, too, as it’s possible that they get good and soused before they finally drown.

Well, my bowl has been setting out for more than thirty-eight hours now, and the results aren’t promising. There’s just one lonely gnat floating in my beer and dishwashing liquid mixture. As you’ve doubtlessly already surmised, this is far from conclusive evidence as to the effectiveness of the trap. I mean, for all I know, that poor little guy was just clumsy, and through some unfortunate coincidence, he just happened to fall into my bowl of inebriating death.

On the other hand, the stuff hasn’t actually worsened the problem, and I do have one less gnat in my face than I had yesterday, and that sort of feels like success to me.


So, aside from the potential waste of a perfectly good beer and the general grossness of having a bowl of dead gnat(s) lying around your house, it can’t hurt to try this, now can it?

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