It’s Come to This

So, is anyone else eating cake-mix, straight from the box?

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  • No, but now I wish that I was.

  • Well, not exactly. Not yet. But, I’ve got a good fudge marble one in there that I might hit yet today. 🙂

  • This made me laugh out loud. I could really use some dry cake mix right about now…

  • no, but i would quite happily add the other ingredients and eat it unbaked!

  • I can’t eat that stuff straight… I have to at least add the egg and butter* (mmmm…. butter). Raw dough is the only reason I make cookies.

    * tofu and margarine substitute optional.

  • Now i know where your daugter gets it. When she is at my house and i make cookies or cake she is always wanting to eat the dough raw. Nasty!

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