This Sucks. I Couldn’t Even Come Up with a Proper Title

If you’ve noticed I haven’t been commenting all over the internet like my usual blog-whore self, the reason is a headache that simply will not go away.

Much like my gnats.

By the way, I have decided that having skanky beer with dead gnats in it lying around is unacceptable. Apparently, I have a rather low tolerance for grossness.

Speaking of the RNC, I watched a little bit of the coverage yesterday. Please, dear God, don’t let that man get re-elected. Flood us if you must, but spare us that bullshit.

Which brings me to how incomparably cool my husband is. Michael has conceived of a plan to get me through the upcoming election with a minimal amount of fuss. He says he’s gonna drive me to the polling place to vote, then he’s gonna take me out and get me so toasted that I pass out before the results come in. I’m an idealist, but not always an optimist. Michael knows this, and he’s there for me. With booze. Mind-numbing booze. Adoration is too small a word for what I feel for that man.

Well, it’s been nice chatting with you today. But, the throbbing in my head is signaling that it’s time for me to depart. I have a date with a lavender-scented heat mask. Peace out.

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  • I heard that headaches were caused by picking the wrong candidate to back. Maybe you should rethink and see if it goes away, lol.

    I personally like a massage and a manicure. Something about the manicurist rubbing my hands and forearms after the massage that really relaxes my neck.

  • My wife tried Red Wine with Wasp the day before we went on holiday. She found it unappealing in the extreme. Just thought I’d mention it.
    (BTW, insect wasp, not WASP).

  • It sounds like you’re having a severe allergic reaction to bullshit. It’s been really bad this year, hitting full bloom during the last few days, but it’s is supposed to subside some this weekend. I hope.

    I myself am still a little dizzy trying to comprehend how great the economy will be with another four years of supply side economics, war, and tax cuts. I’m sure it’ll be more exciting once I figure out which of the 3,742 prescription discount cards I need to use to get the best rate on aspirin.


    p.s. This is not a good time to reread 1984.

  • Well, that’s quite considerate of him. It’s gonna be a hell of an election night!

  • That’s a GREAT idea. “Vote and float.” Or something.