When I was a teenager, I felt that my oppressive parents and my oppressive church and my oppressive grandparents had burdened me me with too many hang ups about my body, because, I thought, the human body is a beautiful thing.

Yeah, not so much.

Be thankful somebody shamed you into covering your hoo-ha. Nobody needs to see that but your spouse and your gynecologist.

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  • Clearly, Beth is better off responding to this over me (since it was her post to begin with) but amen to that. I dont know the way it works in women’s locker rooms but why is it that men lose all self consciousness when they walk into a locker room? The towels are there for a reason people!

  • I feel the same way sometimes, like I have unnecessary hang-ups about my body. But really, thank goodness I do.

  • This presents an interesting dilemma to the parent of small kids who have no qualms about tearing around the house nekkid (usually at bathtime) and, sometimes, wanting to moon each other and make “potty talk*”. Do I make a big deal about it, either giving them hangups or making them want to do it even more because it bothers dad, or do I ignore it and hope they’ll outgrow this?

    * potty talk = “poopy butthead” instead of the terms uttered by a truck driver or someone whose chair just collapsed for the second time in an Everquest campaign.

  • I make the “sit like a lady” comment to my daughter quite a bit lately. But, really, I try not to make a big deal about it.

    On the other hand, adults doing naked toe touches in gym locker-rooms must be stopped.

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