Curiouser and Curiouser

How sick is it that I sat through half of a concert I wasn’t particularly interested in just because I desperately wanted to read the bassist’s t-shirt? I kept saying, “Stand still for a second,” but the bouncy little thing didn’t hear me because he was in my television.

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  • Yeah, that’s what I tell my wife after I watch a chick for a long time. If she would just quit bouncing I could read her shirt and be done with it.

    You must have been really really bored, lol.

  • What concert was it?? What did the shirt say!? Enquiring minds need to know!!!!!!

    (can you tell I’ve had my coffee already?!)


  • Yeah, I’m kind of with Kim on this one… I don’t think you are allowed to a make an entry like this without revealing what in the hell the damn shirt said! [Blogging Regs 2.9.53a]

  • The concert was Alanis Morrisette. The first word on the shirt was “Black” and there were two others I never could quite make out. I finally gave up and got on with my life…Well, maybe “got on with my life” is too ambitious a phrase there. What I actually did was change the channel on the tv.

    My new motto for the site:

    Bored but Busy: Unpretentious for three whole seconds – and counting.

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