In the midst of your struggles to simply have a

normal life

death sneaked up from behind you

bearing Kryptonite

and you breathed your last earth air.

It seems wrong that it happened this way –

I must have expected a more glorious ending.


no matter how great our strength

or will

we must go where we are called.

Wherever you are

my hope is that you are once again standing straight and walking tall

Or that you are flying.

*Forgive this attempt at poetry – Christopher Reeve’s recent passing hit me hard. I’ll be back to my usual silliness soon enough. Love to all.

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  • You’re not the only one who’s been so strongly affected by his passing. I think we all wanted very much to believe he would walk again one day. His strength and courage were inspiring. And who among us didn’t want to be carried by him as he soared across the skies? Even if he was wearing those weird looking tights. 😀

  • To have tolerated being trapped in that useless body all these years is more than we want to imagine. I’d have given up years before he did, but he did so much for so many others that we should be very very humble right now. Top man, and a nice man too. RIP

  • Never apologize for poetry – particularly when it’s a eulogy.

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