Jaded Youth

Whew. Kids today. They take so many things for granted. Last night I had to give Charlotte the “you don’t know how good you got it” speech:

“Charlotte when we were you’re age, the claymation in “Land of the Lost” was impressive shit. We got up early on Saturday morning so that we wouldn’t miss it. So, when you laugh at the waterfall scene and say how cheesy it looks, well, it makes me a little sad. It’s like laughing at someone else because you are wearing better shoes than they can afford to buy. It’s just wrong.

See, you’ve always had good stuff like Toy Story and Final Fantasy to watch. You’ve never had to use your imagination like we had to do.

We had to use our own minds to conjure up images of what the dinosaurs would look like if the animators had bothered to give them tonsils, or for that matter, throat openings. Nobody drew those things for us, you spoiled little punk.

In our day, we had to look beyond the bad dialog and thin plots, and in so doing, we saw what we wanted to see. That was the beauty of the show.

Aw, why do I bother? Watch your cool Batman series where they draw everything for you, but stop sniggering at my misty water-colored memories. They’re all I have.

Oh, and nobody drove us to school either! And it was cold and snowy back then. Even in summer.”

PS – Happy anniversary and thanks to my husband and best friend who got me the coolest presents ever. (Yeah, we’re old.)

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  • happy anniversary from the information superhighway too.

  • And uphill, both ways, too. And we had to walk to school wearing nothing but grocery bags. And it was cold. But we liked it that way!

  • Ahhh, we used to DREAM of having grocery bags….

  • That is so funny! I love reading your stories, they always bring a smile to my face. I think I will go and find some old Buck Rogers tapes for my kids to watch!

  • Land of the Lost.. How cool.. I forgot about that show..

  • Just stumbled across your site and glad I did. It’s so funny what
    we remember. You saying “Land of the Lost” just brought me back to
    my Brady Bunch pants and my Saturday morning “Land of the Lost”
    moments. What a wonderful memory it is! However, have we all
    come to the place where we are finally like our parents ?? “When I
    was your age I walked up hill in the snow” etc etc. I just wonder
    what our children will say when it is their turn!!

  • Did you know that Bill Laimbeer, former basketball star for the Detroit Pistons, played a sleestak? Among the writers: Larry Niven, Ben Bova, DC Fontana and Walter Koenig.

  • happy belated anniversary. congratulations to you both!

    i just yesterday saw that land of the lost is out on DVD. part of me wanted to buy it…the other part worried that i would be disappointed by it. i decided to not chance it.

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