My Fellow Americans: What Gives?

So, today, right after I found out that I would have four more years of restless nights to look forward to, some moron drove up next to me honking and making a “W” with her hands. I guess I was feeling a little shock and awe, because I almost didn’t get my finger up in time for her to see it.

WTF kind of animal do you have to be to try to kick someone when they’re down like that?

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  • Look on the bright side – it’s people like you and not people like that who remind us out in the world that America’s not all inward-looking neo-cons.

  • Haha, you managed to gather yourself quickly enough to respond to her. I am proud of you.

  • You are a better woman than me… I would have ran my car right into hers. Probably without even noticing. This election is bringing out the worst in everyone.

  • I made an innocent comment when we woke up today about how maybe it won’t be so bad, maybe Bush Et. Al. will get their act together, maybe everything is going to be alright, but I just brought on a rant from Dan who went on and on this morning in bed about the coming economic meltdown and civil war and blah blah blah and I’m like OKAY! OKAY! So Bush won and all the tricksters are back in office again and we might have the draft reinstated and my son may have to go off to support a war I don’t believe in and god only knows what’s going to happen but…but…I am so HELPLESS about it all! I can’t DO anything about outsourcing and no jobs and the war and people being stupid…HELPLESS! I voted, I did what I could, that was my single moment, my one shot, and now it’s over.

    So I’m going back to bed and pulling the covers completely over me for the next four years. Wake me in 2008. If we’re still here.

  • so our conservative prick got in again, as did yours. it’s enough to wish for a rip van winkle coma.

  • Good job on the quick thinking though. I’m one of those that would have just driven into her.

  • Do you have a Kerry bumper sticker or something? How did she know to taunt you? Or did she think it was a secret handshake and you would flash a little W back and wink?

  • Yeah, I have a Kerry bumper sticker. No secret handshake was involved – she was being an ass and I responded in kind.

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