Try Try Again

You know the kind of people who want everybody to like them? The ones who are annoying, because they try way too hard? You feel sorry for them, because how pathetic is that, right?

I’m one of them.

What’s more, it’s beginning to pay off!!! Yay!

See, I’ve been at my new job for about a month now. I make a point of always smiling at everyone. I’m so friendly that I make even myself puke.

Most people respond in kind.

When they don’t, I make them my mission. I have told you that something is very very wrong with me, haven’t I? Well, it is.

So, my most recent mission has been an old guy at work. I have smiled and said hello to him every single day for a month, and every day he has looked right in my face without acknowledging me in the slightest.*

Until today.

Today when I said “Good morning” to him he nodded at me! No, he didn’t smile or speak, but there was definite head movement in my direction.

Oh yes, I’m making real progress here. And, oh yes, there is something very wrong with me.

* Maybe he thought I was trying to hit on him. I haven’t been aware of putting off any harlot vibes, but it’s possible I need to get my whorometer checked. Hmm.

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  • I think I’m friendly enough, just a little shy but people say I sometimes look unapproachable because I don’t smile a lot. Maybe this old guy is that way too.

  • You have to be wary. If your whore-o-meter is not checked on a regular basis, it can give off some very odd signals. Just like gaydar!

  • maybe he just thinks you’re on crack. nobody is that friendly.
    having said that, do people on crack smile a lot? or do they just drool and pass out?

  • I’ve worked through wanting to be liked by everyone. It only took one or two people taking full advantage of my willingness to please to cure me of it.

    As for greetings:: At my old job there was one particular woman who never acknowledged my greetings. After I got past how incredibly rude I thought she was being, I actually made a point of saying hello to her in the cheeriest of ways. Just to annoy her. I don’t know if she was ever annoyed mind you. Towards the end, it didn’t matter one bit. I just enjoyed the hell out of it. Yeah, I totally bet she didn’t like me! hee. 😀

  • I totally understand. I find it very satisfying to force people to smile, make small talk and wave at me in my car.

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