Had my second knitting class last night. When I got home I showed Michael my work, and his comment was, “Hey, wow, that actually looks like somethin’.”

As long as he’s content to think of my knitting purely in the abstract sense, we’ll get along fine, but if he starts trying to categorize it too much, we might get into trouble. My knitting can’t be constricted to the narrow definitions that society puts on yarn. It simply is.

It’s best we not let ourselves get too hung up on labels. It might be a scarf, it might be a hat. Who knows? Certainly not me.

Whatever it is, it has a weird little tail that I never meant for it to have…

Wait! I’ve got it! Maybe it’s gonna be a dog!

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  • You got it easy.
    While Michael looks at it as a passing phase, Sean points at me knitting and says “See that? Find a way for THAT to make money!”
    Every time I get into something, he thinks I should start a new business with it.
    Web Design.

    Honey! I’ve got a NEW SKILL!! We’re gonna be RICH!!

    (And the tail? Get a yarn needle – it’s just a HUGE plastic needle – then you string the tail into the weave of whatever you knitted after it’s done. You should try to leave it long so there’s more to weave in (so it won’t pop out).

  • Cool, thanks! I hoped somebody would have a solution. 😀

  • atleast he was able to establish that what you are creating…(me thinks a nice warm winter jacket for a snake) is actually somethin

  • I tend to make snakes. They would be scarves if they weren’t totally twisted and uneven.

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