Me – Swans will stay in one place as long as they have a mate, but if they lose their mate, they travel.

Michael – Aw. I bet they are looking for their mate then. Like, “Where did she go?” That’s sad.

Me – Yeah.

Michael – And it’s romantic.

Me – Yes, that is romantic.

Michael – If I ever lose you, I’m gonna go looking for red-headed hoes.

Me – I know, honey. That’s romantic.

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  • hi recently ive encountered a project where i need to memorize marc antony’s “amici, romani, cives” speech and i havent been able to find it in latin at any page except for your one post concerning it last year…i was just wondering if you had any information regarding where i could find it if you would please email me it would be much appreciated THANKS

  • by the way my email address is. THANKS

  • I never memorized that in latin or otherwise. Sorry I can’t help.

  • Oh, yes. Husbands can be *so* romantic, can’t they?

    Dan decided at one point months ago that “sphincter” wa a funny word. I don’t know why. I don’t know when, but it happened.

    So almost every single time we’re watching a poignant, sweet tender romantic moment in a movie, he’ll pipe up at exactly the right (wrong?) time, “He really wants her SPHINCTER!” I sigh. He says, “What? There are many sphincters in the human body; you don’t know which one I mean.”

    Yes I do, baby…yes I do.



  • Wow. That could be a conversation between Michelle and I . . . including the red-head stuff.

  • 1) Red headed ho’s ARE the best. Not the crack ones, but the drunk ones with the chewed off fingernails.

    2) Sphincter IS one of the funniest words in the english language. You can take any dull, boring, even tragic word (i.e. dead, bloody, deep, dark…) and make it funny and exciting by merely adding the word sphincter to it.

  • Melman would so dig me when I’m drinking. 🙂 And apparently your hubby too. I’m not really a ho, though. More a rake. Or perhaps some other garden tool. (huh huh, I said tool).

  • Well if you were drinking, and chewing your red nails, and throwing the word sphincter around, then yes, I’d be enamored. Add a Russian accent to that and it would be more like frenzied gah gah.

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