I Missed the Office Christmas Party So I Could Have a Nervous Breakdown in My Car

We’re getting some winter weather here. I’m loathe to admit it, but I panicked a bit. At about 11 this morning, I left work to pick up my daughter from daycare. The roads were really bad at the time, and I thought the longer I waited to pick her up, the worse the situation would get.

So, I drove around in the nastiest part of the day and almost slid off the road a couple of times. I also only narrowly avoided hitting an Acura. It was sitting nonchalantly at a stoplight, minding it’s own business, never knowing the snow-tireless danger that lurked behind it. That driver couldn’t possibly guess just how close he came to having my Honda in his backseat.

Anyway, I basically drove around in blizzard conditions. Then I got home and it immediately STOPPED snowing. Just to make me feel like a dumbass for not staying at work! I might as well put on my dunce cap and go buy perishables as I am now officially one of THOSE people.

It’s supposed to start snowing again shortly. By the time this is over, we might have 12 inches on the ground. Yay!

In spite of my driving woes, I’m actually kinda thrilled about that prospect.

See, the other day, I had the foresight to go out and buy a squeaky-cheap plastic sled. I even got it in red so that the blood won’t show. I’m always thinkin’.

Michael isn’t quite as enthusiastic about it as I am. By “isn’t quite as enthusiastic” I mean, of course, that he isn’t even mildly interested in it. As soon as he saw it, he began whining that it doesn’t have a rope attached to it. It cost $8.99! We’re lucky it has a bottom!

What an ingrate!

But, don’t worry. He’ll come around.

I dunno. Maybe he had visions of dragging Charlotte in a sled. I didn’t. I’m sorry, but she’s not Tiny Tim. If I’m walking in a foot of snow, she can too.

God bless us. Every one. Watch out for that tree!

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  • Cool. Last year, during our unusual storm, I bought two plastic sleds — a traditional one with steering rudders, and another that looks more like a garbage can lid sans handle. My youngest immediately went for the round one because there’s more danger factor. Best $20 I spent all winter.

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    I’m confirmed and paid up for the Team O’Neil Rally School 2-Day Advanced Winter Driving Clinic the weekend of February 19th. For the low, low price of just $600 (normally $1,650) I’ll get to toss Chris Brenton’s WRX STi around…

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