Curiouser and Curiouser

As my just desserts for ignoring my blog and not making time to visit your blogs, I just got a near fatal whiff of karmic tea.

It would seem the answer to “What’s that smell?” is, in this case, “The tea I’ve had sitting at my computer desk for over a week.”

Let this be a lesson to all of you: Don’t drink tea!!! And if you find you must drink tea, don’t be the kind of slob who would leave such a thing lying around for weeks.

The smell of the old tea was not quite as bad as that of the curdled milk I once found lying on one of our more underused tables but was worse than almost any other liquid I’ve ever smelled – urine included.

It just occurred to me that “urine included” is rather a strange turn of phrase. Is urine included? Or is it extra?

Nevermind. Just ignore me. I’m being silly. Don’t encourage me in any way when I get like this. Have a lovely day.

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  • I just recently had the same whiffiness which turned out to be a rotten, festering apple core which had somehow wedged itself between the printer and the cd burner. Ugh.

  • Maybe it’s the season for such things, but I finally tracked down a stench in my wife’s minivan — she was oblivious to this — to a plastic baggie that looked like it was filled with soy sauce. I’m sure it was something the kids dropped and it festered.

  • Ah HA! So YOUR the one…

  • *LOL* Oh no. But hey, you haven’t left a cup of Milo sitting on your desk for the length of the two weeks you took off on your last holiday. Ahem. BAD smell. Bad, bad, BAD.

  • The spoiled milk smell is awful. I hate it when I forget a cup in my car, and then the car rolls under the seat, and then the car just smells slightly bad until I find the cup and then pass out from the smell and…

    Oh, and I was going to say that that phrase “Urine included” is most likely going to get you some fun google-visitors.

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