Dear Benevolent Dictator

Beth has set herself up as a benevolent dictator. She’s pregnant, so she can do that sort of thing. She said so herself.

I wouldn’t dream of cutting in on her territory. Firstly, I don’t think she’s quite so pregnant that she can’t lift her leg to kick my ass. Secondly, she hasn’t tried to usurp my role as timekeeper of the universe or as a great and powerful oracle.

I do, however, have have one little suggestion that I would appreciate her adding to the list:

Medical professionals who begin sentences with “At your age…” should be exiled to live among wolves. If, in their callousness, they piss off the wolves as well, it should be left up to the wolves themselves as to whether the offenders should be eaten entirely or just chewed on now and again.

Comments 1

  • Consider it done. However, I am adding a bit to it. Any OB who says to a pregnant woman “if you make it to the second trimester” when giving random advice on how much exercise is appropriate.