Washing Away the Pain

When I buy hand soap, I always get the “economy size”, but we still manage to go through it fairly quickly, because, apparently, we need the “obsessive-compulsive” size.

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  • we get the huge size from Sams club

  • I stopped using soap and switched to latex gloves instead. They are much easier to use and tend to keep your employeer sufficiently anxious.

  • Follow-up note – you should take them off if you are pulled over by the police.

  • Your title made me think of Peaches’ “Fuck the Pain Away.” Probably not an area where you want to be obsessive-compulsive. Could chafe after a while. And let’s not discuss the latex gloves, either.

  • ooh, my mother ALWAYS gets the obsessive-compulsive size , and then, when no one’s looking she watters it down to half-strength which usually comes back at her in the form of a need to wash twice to get fully clean.

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