Note to Self: Be Less Obscure


ollie and hardy.

Do those words mean anything to you? Well, they don’t mean a thing to me, but I suppose they should. All that came to mind when I saw them was, “What the fuck is this?” Not exactly a Hallmark moment.

Does anyone think I should attempt time travel to find out what I meant by that shit? No? Me either.

But, my hope is that those words are the four trigger words that will eventually bring about memories of my previous life as a deadly assassin and/or pastry chef. I could really use one of those cream bun thingies right now. Ummm. Cream bun.

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  • How do we know you haven’t already attempted time travel? Perhaps Secret Agent Man is concerned his whereabouts will be forwarded to the Temporal Enforcement Authority.


  • Just wondering what your reaction is to the most horrible news of the year; i dont mean that scare where the police got called to some school because they thought some kid had taken a gun when it turned out to be a giant burrito. The ever “talented” Jennifer Garner being pregnant. Is the world ready for an offspring from the great genetic material of the Alias chick and Matt Damo.. I mean… whats his face. Oh yeah and go Rockets… nevermind 🙁

  • Matt Damon is the one who was in that bad poker movie, isn’t he? I wrote an equally bad parody of that, which would be even less funny now, since it’s dated. But, oh how I do love movies that inspire…

    Anyhow, to answer your question, I hope they have a beautiful baby boy and name him Rambaldi.

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