While watching Kate carry dynamite on the season finale of “Lost”:

Me – If that was me carrying dynamite, you’d be taunting me constantly, saying stuff like, “Don’t go boom!”

Michael – No, I wouldn’t.

Me – You wouldn’t tease me at all?

Michael – No. And I resent the accusation.

Me – Wow. It seemed to me like something you’d get a kick out of doing.

Michael – Nope. ‘Cause I wouldn’t be anywhere near close enough for you to hear me.

Me – Oh.

PS – Is there anybody besides me who watched too much “Good Times” in the seventies and who has noticed that it makes you want to spell dynamite “DYN-O-MITE”? Or, is that just me?

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  • Yea…sad, isn’t it?

  • “Lost” makes me want to run outside and scream real loud. I love it that much. Or maybe I just love Sayid’s tank tops. Maybe.

  • I love “Lost”. My favorite show this season and I never have a favorite show. Slater is my bad boy, oh yeah. I did have a problem when they showed the reruns for a while. Tracy wanted to watch them as she had not seen the show but they did them out of order. So she said she would wait for the CD.

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