I’m in the Paper! The Fat One with Coupons!

The Courier-Journal has a big mugshot of me in it today. Unfortunately, the picture really looks like me. Nobody re-touched it to make me look like Pam Anderson. Shit!

Doubly unfortunately, in the side-bar, they list me as having two kids. So, now I’m straining to recall where I left the other kid, because I only remember having the one. Double shit!

Update: The Courier-Journal article got linked on Fark. Booha! If I had known I was gonna make Fark, I’d have shown my boobs.

The shot I took of the photographer:

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  • HEY Debbie! I just saw this article on Total Fark, clicked on it to see what they said about Drew, didn’t dream you’d be in there and THERE YOU WERE!

    I thought, hey, I know her! *grins*

    Congrats, now you’re famous. And that’s a GREAT picture!

  • this article worthless without a ( )( ) pic…. it’s never too late

  • Nobody re-touched it to make me look like Pam Anderson. Shit!

    That’s a good thing! She’s a skank, you’re cute, so no worries.

  • you SO rock…and i SO wish we were sharing a bucket ‘o fries at Katies right now.

  • Fame is tricky. For instance, that Brad Pitt can be insistant so just tell him you are happily married, mother of one real and one imaginary kid and since he made his Angelina Jolie bed, he can just lie in it!

    Congrats Debbie, great photo too!

  • Congrats on your 15. Hope it gets prolonged and paid.

  • Congratulations on your new child. Hope you find him/her? Seems like you woulda remembered, tho, really.

  • hey you .. ben making you egg salad and vegi sammichs forever was who ever knew youe were so funny? jean from wackys :0

  • and i used to be able to spell right till the kids sucked all the words outta my head …..

  • wow thats really cool congrats .. when i read what you wrote about the missing kid i laughed so hard … my head hurt

    angela corinne

  • Congratulations! Don’t fret over the touch up to look like Pamel Anderson. She is not all she is cracked up to be. ( i think she had a boob job)

  • there’s a lost kid over here screaming for his mom — can you come and get him? 🙂

    congrats on the news picture and article!

  • We always knew you were a rock star. And like a rock star, you have another kid we didn’t know about. At your echelon, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. 🙂

  • Show us your coupons!

  • Hey congrats your famous!! OH btw,..I have plenty of kids if you feel the need to ever have that extra kid in your life, as long as i can visit on weekends. HEHE!

  • Wow! Did they also publish your blog’s URL? You must be getting tons of hits!

  • My hope was that the server would crash from all the traffic, but it didn’t even come close to happening. The hits doubled for that day, but it slacked off soon after – and once again the traffic here consists of you and a handful of other nice people.

  • Yeah, when my lame-ass blog made the paper (in a smaller town than Louisville), I didn’t have stat tracking, so I have no idea how it affected my traffic. I’d venture: none.

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