When I order a couple of pizzas and Michael asks me how much it costs, no matter what the price is, I always round up to about $35.00. Then he says, “Oh my God! That’s outrageous!” and generally has a fit. Thirty minutes later, when the pizza arrives and the delivery person says, “$26.00,” my poor sap of a husband feels the relief of getting a reprieve from the governor – even though he just spent $26.00 on dough and sauce.

It’s the little things that make a marriage last. Learn from me, young padawans.

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  • I think another way to learn appreciation for as-God-inteneded delivery pizza is to try to make one yourself. Usually the kitchen ends up looking like the flour and tomatoes declared war on each other. And it never tastes as good because you can’t get your home oven hot enough to make a real nice crust without burning the toppings beyond recognition. So I pay the $26.00 gladly…even more if they throw on extra tongue!

  • I just read Weird Searches 6.0. Thanks for the barely contained sniggering into my hand at work incident. I’ll probably be doing it all day now.

  • I’d love to pay $26 for pizza. However, we live in the country (not THAT far out of town) and they won’t deliver so we’ve always had to either a.)make our own b.) go with frozen or c.) go to town to pick it up ourselves. …sigh…

  • You really need to write a book. This is brilliant.

  • Ohhhh…I see how this goes… You get your name (and picture) in the paper, become semi-famous, and drop off the face of the earth. Where ya at, Girlfriend??? We miss you…

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