Pizza and Dirty Sheets

Well, we just got back from Cedar Point. A couple of days ago. I know, I know, I’m slow to blog, but I found myself ass-deep in laundry when I got back and also had to catch up on a lot of yardwork and grocery shopping and watching television. Not necessarily in that order.

We stayed at a place called Castaway Bay. They have an indoor water park. Big hot tub, wave pool, water slides — and all of it nestled safely indoors so that I could better maintain that ghostly palor my husband so adores. The only downside to this particular hotel was the maid service we got, or more accurately, didn’t get. Even when I left a friendly note requesting a linen change, the maid didn’t change the sheets. Two notes and three days later, I grabbed some clean linens off a service cart and changed them myself. The next day when the maid came in to half-assedly clean and to NOT change the sheets, she left the dirty ones on the floor, assuming, I guess, that they belonged to us. Heh, heh, heh.

Overall, the trip was good. Percentage wise, it would round out like this:

33% of the trip was spent sleeping (on questionably clean linens).

1% percent was spent with me wondering aloud exactly why that particular maid hated me and what I had ever done to her.

12% of the trip was spent driving to and from Ohio.

24% of the trip was spent swimming or relaxing in the indoor water park.

12% of the trip was spent eating.

17% was spent riding some mind-blowing coasters.

That’s only 99%. The other one percent is time we all spent trying to grasp why such a relatively small town had such an endless supply of pizza. It would be an understatement to say they like their pizza in Sandusky, Ohio.

Pizza was readily available in the hotel from three different sources. One of the two Mexican restaurants we visited had a pizza section on the menu. Six different pizza choices on a Mexican food menu. The “German” restaurant that was actually in the park had pizza. Shitting you, I am not. We didn’t actually go in there; they advertised it proudly on the sign. Maybe they had Wiederschnitzel pizza. I dunno. Anyway, I can’t even tell you how many Italian eateries and pizza parlors we saw during our stay. Basically, if you throw a stone in Sandusky, you’re gonna hit one of three things: a pizza joint, a roller-coaster, or another pizza place. Did I mention that you can get pizza there? ‘Cause you so totally can!!!

PS – The Top Thrill dragster was awe inspiring. Many bugs were harmed. I found them all on my white shirt after the ride was over. The front car is good fun ’cause ain’t nothing blocking your view of the 420 feet below you as you topple over the the arch at 120 mph., but maybe wear a garbage bag over your clothing. Wearing bug goggles and a bra on your head are, as always, optional.

PPS – The indoor water park made my kid VERY happy. We’ve decided that she’s basically a ninety pound fish of some sort. I don’t know what kind. What kind of fish lives on chicken nuggets and spaghetti and listens incessantly to annoying hip-hop and rap music?

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  • GAK. I love amusement parks, but roller coasters and I just don’t get along…uh…but really glad YOU people had a good time! Welcome back!

  • Sounds great all around. Except for the daughter who listens to rap music. I mean, she’s probably great, but listening to rap music? Is she old enough for that activity? Because if she’s as white as you are, N.W.A. might be a little too hardcore. Yo.

  • Here’s what’s strange. I LOVE coasters, the bigger the drop the better. But I can not do anything that spins. If you put me on a scrambler it would look like a gigantic spin art display, with all the food I ate substituting for the paint.

  • Dr. Max – I’m exactly the same way. I can ride the big, bad coasters, but I have to say no to the merry-go-round, because I will throw up on the little baby rides.
    Scott-San – She listens to very mild stuff. Mostly poseurs. But, she thinks it’s the shiznit. Ciara, Usher etc. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard “One, Two Step” I’d beat myself bloody with my giant bag o’ nickels for ever allowing her to buy that stupid cd in the first place.

  • What had you done to that maid to make her hate you? Left your hotel room like a pigsty or something? And what was she doing to you to make you think that she disliked you so much? Wasn’t she cleaning your room properly? Like leaving dirty glasses or not vacuuming or WHAT???

  • Hi Debbie,
    Love reading your blogs. Thats it for now. Will take time to comment on them later. Have a great day

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