The Mighty Penguin

Male Emperor Penguins must walk 70 miles back to the ocean to feed after going 120 days without food. The female penguins don’t have it a lot better. They walk that same distance right after giving birth. Both the males and females endure temperatures of eighty degrees below zero.

Yes, I learned something from seeing “March of the Penguins.” I learned that penguins are total bad-asses. In honor of that fact, I coined the phrase, “He’s no penguin” as a way of describing someone who lacks endurance or whines a lot in difficult situations. Feel free to use this phrase at will or expand upon it as you see fit. The Emperor Penguin is the coolest non-flying bird around. Much cooler than the Emu or the Double-Wattled Cassowary. Get outta here with that stupid Cassowary. Penguins rock!

By the way, I have been whining and be-moaning my sore back for three days. When I’m not crying about that, I’m complaining that it’s too hot outside or that my braces hurt. I, dear friends, am no penguin.

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  • “Bah!” say all the penquin grandparents. ” We would have LOVED to walk 70 miles, it would have been a STROLL for us, try 150 miles then tell me how rough you have it! And please, -80? We’d DREAM about the warmth of -80, it never got a degree above -105 back in our day!”

  • Be the penquin, see the penquin, be the penquin.

  • you should copy right the phrase and make your very own “He’s no penguin” clothing line. I am sure they would sell more than those stupid Paris “thats hot” shirts. Because as we all know people who buy those Paris shirts “are no penguins”

  • Yeah, I need to see that movie before it leaves IMAX.

  • Awww…what did you DO to yourself? I just gotta go with DeeJay’s comment… 🙂

  • Must walk? So you’re tellin’ me, if a lessor ranked Penguin, like say one of his King Penguin buds came driving up in a chevy and offered him a ride to the ocean with several of his King Penguin bitches, he’d have to say no and keep walkin’? I think not.

  • it kinda kicks yer arse, huh? made me instantly ashamed for all the parental whining i’ve ever done.

  • Enough with the penguins! Talk to us!! 🙂

  • I still haven’t seen this movie. I’m so ashamed.

  • I feel like whining all day long but I guess I gotta face the truth. Who drinks too much at night has to be a penguin at day.

    Your site rocks!

  • Nice blog…I really enjoy your space. I believe you would enjoy reading several of my blog entries. If you do visit, please sign my guest book so I can come back to see your space. Peace!

  • Are you okay? You’re getting me kinda worried now… haven’t ‘seen’ ya for awhile. Back okay? Braces? Life? Let us know you’re okay, okay?

  • I love it!! My boyfriend is a penguin fanatic(with over 200 in his collection)and this will become his new catch phrase, I can guarantee it! I love your blog BTW. Keep up the good work.

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