Year archives: 2006


I’m told that, when I was one, I had an awesome birthday. I was trying to walk across the floor and fell into my birthday cake and just dug right in and began to eat it. It must’ve been a helluva good time. Unfortunately, I don’t remember any of this. To this day, Mom regrets …

Nip/Tuck Spoiler

If you’re like me, you were pretty disappointed with the season finale of Nip/Tuck last year. We waited all season to find out who “the carver” was, then we find out it’s a brother-sister team-O’- carvers without any real explanation for why two people would both get the crazy idea that mutilating women is not …

Gross Fucks Revisited

Michael saw some guy standing at a urinal eating an ice cream cone and taking a piss. When he finished doing his business, he switched the ice cream cone from one hand to the other and left the restroom.