The girl screeched out, “Oh Charlotte!” ran over to my daughter and squeezed her in a way that’s usually reserved for returning hostages or POWs.  No more than two seconds later, no less than two other girls see my daughter and react to her in much the same way the first girl did.

Charlotte had just gotten finished performing with her chorus, and these friends of hers felt the urge to attack her while we were wending our way out of the gym.  It got me slightly tickled. As we were walking through the parking lot, I said, “So, how long had it been since you’d seen those people?”

“Two of them I had seen a couple hours ago, but Bree I hadn’t seen since before school started this morning.”

Oh, well, of course that explains their reactions. I’m surprised Bree was able to hold back the tears of joy…

OTN: Socks for my sister. Been knitting furiously on socks for Mom and Sis with no time to breath or blog. On second Sis sock. Hopefully, will be able to post pics before she gets her grubby paws on them. I’m using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn. Liking it pretty well. Mom’s are in the Misty Moor colorway and Sis’s are I believe in the River Run colorway.

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