Bruce Banner Should Get A Dog

We saw The Hulk this afternoon. I’ll try not to tell too much of the plot. I like to judge movies for myself as I assume most people do, so there will be no spoilers here.

I just have to comment on what a heartless idiot Bruce Banner’s love interest, Betty Ross, seems to be. It’s hard to say whether this character was written to be pathetic and helpless, or just cold and heartless. Maybe she’s a composite of all four of these traits.

I do know that if, out of ignorance, I put someone I love in a dangerous situation where they could be experimented on or killed, I would try with all my heart and mind to redeem my mistake. I like to think they would have to jail or kill me to shut me up. I would not just obey whatever orders were given me when doing so could result in my lover’s death.

What’s more, I don’t think any American woman would.

We might differ in our effectiveness in handling the situation at hand; but every woman, myself included, would do or say something other than, “Okey-dokey. I guess if you say my true love has to die, he has to die.” Women tend to talk back in instances where the people we love are in grave danger. We might even overreact, but we do react.

It seems unrealistic that an independent scientist like Betty Ross is supposed to be would just watch as her boyfriend’s rights are trampled upon and he is turned into an experiment.

A certain amount of civil disobedience is expected and warranted in these cases. I know my love for my husband would demand that I act. Whether I could do anything to change the situation, I don’t know. But, I certainly would make a scene. I wouldn’t worry about breaking my nails or even a few laws if need be.

Betty’s character continually gives us the impression that she’d rather not get her hands dirty. Maybe she’s racist and afraid her boyfriend’s green skin is going to rub off on her.

If her supposed love for Bruce demands no more of her than the casual interest she shows in his welfare – he’d be better off getting a dog. A dog would show some loyalty, which is more than Betty does.

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  • I just got the feeling you really didn’t like Betty?? I think maybe she rubbed you the wrong way. I haven’t seen the movie but i do not like Betty either!!

  • […] Took the family out to see The Hulk today. I loved every scene where the Hulk was smashing stuff; otherwise the movie sucked. Involving his dad created a bad story line with weird plot points and Betty was useless. I’m glad that if I every turn green and go on a rampage my wife will have my back. […]

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