Arnold’s Butt Is Back

Michael and I saw T3 Rise of the Machines. Although the movie didn’t suck, I was disappointed there weren’t more scenes showing the army of terminators. Given the title, I expected a few mechanical army scenes. There was only one.

I was also disappointed with Arnold’s butt. His age is starting to show. He still has better buns than most men could ever hope to achieve in one lifetime. But, it’s a little saggy compared to the amazing buttocks we viewed in the first flick. Schwarzenegger is, after all, only human.

Sadly, I fully relate to his problem. My butt is growing too. I now sort my jeans into four categories:

1. Jeans that fit me 5 years ago, but don’t fit now.

2. Jeans that fit me 1 year ago, but don’t fit now.

3. Jeans that fit me 6 months ago, but don’t fit now.

4. The jeans that I adopted from Michael’s wardrobe. They fit, but they’re getting snug.

I suppose I am lucky that no one will care that my butt is not as small as it once was. I mean, it certainly doesn’t have fans like Arnold’s butt does. Arnold’s butt probably has its own fan club. I wonder if it responds personally to fan letters. If so, I bet no one asks to borrow its ink pen.

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