About Popcorn

In order to be fair, I should tell you here that we attempted to watch About Schmidt four different times over the past three weeks. We were having a problem with our cable television, and couldn’t get the pay-per-view function to work.

I had to call the cable company repeatedly about this, which means I spent no less than two hours with the phone at my ear, suffering the most irritating muzak known to man.

So, maybe my expectations became higher as a result of the extra work required to view this film.


Or, maybe it was just bad.

In addition to breaking my spirit, About Schmidt taught me a lesson. Portraying a boring, sad life makes for a boring, sad movie.

I’m sure this film received great critical acclaim, because its filled with angst and subtlety. In fact, this movie is so subtle in its simplicity, and so filled with touching or humorous life lessons that you may forget you’re watching it. I did.

By the way, did you know you can play that same visual game with popcorn that you can with clouds? Of course, you have to really use your imagination to see anything in your popcorn. I saw a bunny and the angel of death and a dancing lizard. (In case you’re wondering, I’m acid-free for fourteen years and counting.)

About Schmidt has it’s moments. They are far between, so you’ll be done with one good moment long before you reach another.

Allow me to recommend the popcorn game.

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