Great Expectations

My letter to Quentin Tarantino:

Dear Mr. Tarantino,

After seeing your latest masterpiece, Kill Bill, I want desperately to throw some sweet lovin’ your way, because you just f*King rock. Nevermind the fact that I don’t find you physically attractive. I don’t even care. (Wait…Could we keep the lights off?)

Other directors should be made to kneel down and show some respect whenever they are lucky enough to find themselves in the same room as you. You are their leader. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Kill Bill was the best movie I’ve seen in months. It gave me a wonderful expectant sort of feeling throughout, and it never let me down.

I must confess that, before we saw the movie, Michael and I misconstrued your motives. We thought when you decided to turn Kill Bill into two movies instead of just one, as was originally planned, that your audience was going to get short-changed while you raked it in. We couldn’t have been more wrong. The fact of the matter is, we probably owe you more money than what we paid for our tickets.

Did I mention how much you rock? Good. Thank you for continuing to make excellent movies even though others continue to lower the bar by re-making the same stuff over and over again.

Yours in deep admiration,

P.S. – Please tell Uma Thurman for me that she rocks too. She must have worked her ass off preparing for her role in this flick. Let her know her hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

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  • I have been all a’twitter to see Kill Bill and now you’ve just made it doubly so. That’s an awful lot of twitter.

  • Yes! I went to see Kill Bill at a press showing last week. I felt I could not pass up an opportunity to see a free film!

    I was blown away (ha ha). I was amazed at how I was kind of jumping up and down saying (silently) YES YES when that creep of a nurse got his. At last a woman in a film who fights back and isn’t a victim.

  • Pulp Antigenre
    After reading all of the rave reviews, I decided to go see Kill Bill with my Father the other night. Absolutely amazing. Quentin has managed to accurately capture the feeling of, and make fun of, Japanese Anime and fight genres…

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