Monthly archives: August, 2004

Missing: One Canary

The best worst thing about me is my inability to lie with a straight face. If I catch a good hand at poker, everybody else at the table folds immediately – I’m that easy to read. So, today I’m overjoyed that I get to lie, and if I’m lucky, maybe even get away with it, …

If I’d had Popcorn, I’d Have Spilled It

The Village offered up a few surprises and a nice little love story to boot. Go see it. Now. My inner dialog during this movie: “WTF?” “Oh, that’s sooo sweet.” “Oh my god! NOOOOO! I can’t frickin’ believe this.” “No, don’t let her go!!!!” “Damn. I jumped pretty high just then.” “WTF!?” “WTF?!”

She Needs Both of Her Hands Free to Scratch Her Butt

My daughter is going through that phase where she wants to pretend to be completely independent. The most humiliating thing she can imagine happening to her is for me to kiss her in public. Charlotte would like for all of her friends to think that she was raised by wolves or possibly cloned. It’s just …