Monthly archives: October, 2004


In the midst of your struggles to simply have a normal life death sneaked up from behind you bearing Kryptonite and you breathed your last earth air. It seems wrong that it happened this way – I must have expected a more glorious ending. Sometimes no matter how great our strength or will we must …

One Reason I Don’t Own a Gun

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. How much have you personally ever wanted to pull another driver out of his or her vehicle and beat the living shit out of them? I only ask, because that feeling is still lingering with me even though I’m no longer in my …

Curiouser and Curiouser

How sick is it that I sat through half of a concert I wasn’t particularly interested in just because I desperately wanted to read the bassist’s t-shirt? I kept saying, “Stand still for a second,” but the bouncy little thing didn’t hear me because he was in my television.