Monthly archives: September, 2003

Wild Kingdom

The hubby commenting on how bad our lawn looks: “There was a tiger in the front yard hunting some gazelles. He almost made it into the garage before I could close the door.” Ok, I’ll mow the lawn.

Spammy Goodness

Someone with a small penis is sending spam to my comments section. I can only assume he has the penile equivalent of a vienna sausage, since he has become an evangelist for a penis enlarger. (Clicking the link for the spam took me to a penis enhancement site.) I’d like to take a moment to …

About Popcorn

In order to be fair, I should tell you here that we attempted to watch About Schmidt four different times over the past three weeks. We were having a problem with our cable television, and couldn’t get the pay-per-view function to work. I had to call the cable company repeatedly about this, which means I …