Year archives: 2004

I Shoulda Used a Cheapa Beer

As anyone who reads me regularly knows, I am a very helpful person, so long as I don’t have to expend too much energy in the process. For example, if I have to get up from my desk, that might be asking a bit much. But, if I can help you out from my swivel …

1984 Over OU812

When somebody manages to make fun of Sammy Hagar and George W. Bush in the same sentence, how do you respond to it? I, for one, laugh my ass off and then quickly add that person to my blogroll.

Silver Lining

The receptionist at our plumber’s office seems like such a genuinely nice person that I regret not having more to chat with her about than a leaky pipe.

Ouchy, Ouchy, Ouchy

Proving once again that, if you’re klutzy enough, even the simplest things can be hazardous, last night I managed to harm myself while eating hot and sour soup. Somehow I splashed the soup in my eye. Even if I hadn’t already given up on the possibility of leading a life of crime, that little accident …

Olympic Moments

Having no athletic ability whatsoever can really put a damper on a person’s Olympic dreams, so I’ve sort of resigned myself to the fact that the best I can do for my country on that particular front is to watch the games attentively from my couch while stuffing popcorn in my face. The sacrifices I …